Sunday, January 6, 2013

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Zeek Rewards Closes Doors

Sources at the scene today reported to that Zeek Rewards has closed its doors in Lexington, North Carolina.
August 16, 12:32 P.M. MST — Only hours after a headline in the Lexington Post-Dispatch reported "Users tout Zeek's programs...," the MLM marketing arm of the Zeekler penny auction site has put "Closed" signs in its windows.
The North Carolina Attorney General had reported "we have concerns about...and have asked the companies to provide us with documents so we can examine their business practices." The investigation appears to have resulted from 8 consumer complaints. And a spokesperson for the North Carolina AG said, "The complaints generally seek refunds." Zeek Rewards reportedly had responded to the complaints, had resolved 7 of the 8 complaints, and the 8th complaint was in process of being resolved at the time of the closure.
At this time there is no confirmed report as to the reason for the closure or the agency or agencies that may be involved in the action, although the North Carolina Attorney General's office had not mentioned to the Post-Dispatch any action beyond its investigation. Sources close to the company speculate the closure is voluntary.
Zeek Rewards was reported to have had banking challenges early on, but banking difficulties frequently are reported by MLM start-ups, the growth of which can be alarming to financial institutions. And the growth of Zeek Rewards—that was signing up customers and Affiliates around the world—may prove to have broken even the records of mega-MLMs like Mona Vie. The Post-Dispatch reported that after less than a year in business, Zeek Rewards already had more than 200,000 customers...and the number may be many times more than that, perhaps in the millions.
However disappointed the Independent Affiliates of Zeek Rewards are likely to be when the cause of the closure is known—an announcement is anticipated before the weekend—the merchants of Lexington, North Carolina, are likely to be even more so: the growth of Zeek Rewards in that regionally depressed economy had been a boon to the business community.
As it was to tens of thousands of Zeek Rewards Independent Affiliates, one of whom told, "I really needed this. You get so many that you just can't make any money in, and everybody I know is making money in Zeek Rewards!"
But not anymore. The questions now being asked by Affiliates is whether or not Zeek Rewards will make its commission payments. Or will the reportedly cash-rich company even be permitted to pay commissions?

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